A Taste of Mexico

SOLID Coffee is proud to source coffee from all over the world. From Africa, to Asia, and Latin America, SOLID believes in curating the best. The beautiful coastal regions and soaring altitudes of Mexico holds a geographical diversity ideal for many types of farming practices that breeds a varied harvest of crops. Chiapas is located in the country’s southernmost state of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountain Range about 900- 1,000 meters above sea level and is the home of our Mexico Chiapas Turquesa coffee. It’s lush volcanic soil rests underneath beautiful blue skies, as depicted in its name “Turquesa”.

The quality of this coffee is owed to the historical social and economic tribulation in Chiapas in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s when coffee prices hit rock bottom. With Arabica beans priced at 40 cents per pound, the socio-economic level in Chiapas dropped well below living wage causing regional instability. The continued uprising of the “Zapatista movement” in tandem with a suppressive government, furthered the disruption of coffee cultivation and resulted in unattended coffee farms as Chiapas citizens’ migrated to the cities. Today, the coffee is planted and cultivated mainly by smallholders and descendants of the Indian Tribes, which is a source of regional pride among the Chiapas people.  To ensure that producers have the best chance possible of receiving a fair price for their product, SOLIDCoffee is moved to work with exporters that support these communities through social projects.

SOLIDCoffee’s involvement to support these farmers goes beyond selling their coffee. We also bring market to their coffee by using exporters who also support the Chiapas coffee farmer’s mode of transportation infrastructure where coffee is transported to a high tech dry mill in Veracruz. SOLIDCoffee’s Mexico Chiapas is then received at its headquarters in parchment and quality controlled twice with no more than 15 imperfections per 300 grams.

Taste history and excellence as well as help the Chiapas community by experiencing this enlivening and soothing medium roast that has hints of dry, chocolatey and peppery notes today!

 Palenque- The best known Mayan Civilization in Chiapas

Palenque- The best known Mayan Civilization in Chiapas