Coffee Shop Etiquette


How cool of you to check out and post up at your local trendy coffee bar or coffee shop, but do you know the rules and etiquette, or better, do you follow the rules and etiquette?  Here they are, in no particular order:

-Be friendly.  Even if you’re tired or angry, you’re in public-- behave.

- For pete's sake, buy something. Chances are that air conditioning, wi-fi, comfy couches are already provided so the least you can do is buy something. We recommend that 1 drink per 2-3 hours hits the sweet spot. 

-Tip well, but realize that if the coffee AND service were sub-par, that this part is completely up to you. 

-Don’t be gross at the condiment counter. Keep in mind that area is communal, so it gets messy easily. It seems elementary, but throw away your garbage and clean up small spills. You'd be surprised at how many adults don't. 

-Try to take business calls outside. Short and quiet conversations are permissible, but if you must take a business call that last an extended amount of time inside, try not to shout. Phone calls of any type are good until they disturb others. 

 photo credit: Francisco Gonzales 

photo credit: Francisco Gonzales 

- Don't hog the power outlets. Just like trying to avoid prime seating during peak business hours, try to bring a power strip of multiple outlets if you plan on staying a while. 

-Ask questions! The people working at your favorite coffee bar or shop are trying really hard to represent the company behind them and the product they serve, so chances are they’d love to chat about those things

-Enjoy yourself! Coffee bars and coffee shops want to create an experience for you to enjoy their cuppa, so whatever reason you are there, try to enjoy! 

 photo credit: Jared's photos 

photo credit: Jared's photos 

So there you have it.  We understand that this stuff is pretty common sense and pretty universal, and should be of no surprise, so feel free to apply in other areas of your awesome life as well.