Intro: Meet Team Solid

Hey y'all, 

Here at Solid, we're experiencing a period of growth & change as we prepare to expand to a third location late this year. For a while now, we've felt that it is important to re-evaluate our mission and vision for Solid. As we prepare to enter these new endeavors, we want to make sure we know who we are and what we stand for. This will help steer us as we navigate the months and years ahead. 

I joined the Solid team a little over a month ago, and it is definitely clear that this company is driven by its people. The best workplaces after all, at least for me, are the ones that involve face to face interaction with others. As such, one of the best aspects of working in the coffee industry is the opportunity for daily face to face interactions with co-workers and customers. 

In our case, the most unique aspect of our company is our roasting operation. We roast our beans in the same space as our main café, so we're a tight nit group. From green coffee beans to final brew, it all happens in the same place. It's a unique experience, and surely one that we strive to keep as an environment of mutual respect and individuality. We believe that each member of our team provides a unique perspective that ultimately drives who we are and how we function as a unit.

As such, we felt that it would be great to highlight the people who make Solid Coffee Roasters function day in and day out. This section of our blog will be dedicated to highlighting a Solid Team Member once a week, so keep checking back for more updates and friendly faces! In the process of getting to know us, we also hope to get to know you!