We’re right in the middle of opening a second location in Bellflower and it’s pretty stressful. Dan, Kevin, and I have done this before but it still provides some serious headaches and a whole new set of challenges every time. Here’s an example. Yesterday I delivered our $2500 under-counter refrigerator to the new location……it didn’t fit UNDER THE COUNTER. Yeah, rookie mistake I know. The manufacturers measurements are based on the size of the refrigerator WITHOUT the casters on the bottom. So now I’m figuring out how to get the caster wheels off the bottom and fit the fridge under the counter.

Here’s 3 pieces of advice I can give you if your are considering opening a new coffee shop

1) Be prepared to lose all your money. If you are not in a position both emotionally and financially to be able to lose all the money invested into the shop, don’t do it. Your dream could fail and you could be forced to close it - that’s a realistic possibility, as much as it sucks. Think objectively about what could happen if people don’t come. If you fail, I’d recommend following Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram for some extra motivation.

2) Expect things to go wrong. Things will go wrong, and it will take longer than you expect. Be adaptable and solve problems as they arise. A good business person and entrepreneur is excellent at facing adversity.

3) Review your architectural drawings and equipment specs multiple times and review them with an experienced barista. Bar flow is crucial and something only an experienced barista knows. Countertops being to high or low can be problematic - haha. The wrong outlet or receptacle for the equipment you need can cause headaches and backups. Measure, measure, measure!

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