The world is falling in love with good coffee!

There’s nothing quite like a solid cup of coffee to help inspire, move, and fuel your day. Whether you’re a casual connoisseur or a professional roaster, coffee has a unique way of making our lives a little bit more enjoyable. Coffee is truly good for the soul.

SOLID Coffee Roasters was founded to provide a new pathway of enjoyment for coffee lovers all over the world. Uniquely designed as a made-to-order coffee roasting company, SOLID is committed to making sure that people experience the ecstasy of drinking good coffee that hasn’t been sitting for weeks on store shelves.

Our relationship with world class importers allows us to roast some of the best specialty coffee you’ll ever taste. 

In addition to providing great coffee directly to our customers, we’ve created a business generation model that allows any organization or company to make their own branded coffee. Whether it’s creating private-labeled coffee for fundraisers or building a free web store to sell coffee throughout the year, we’ve developed some great solutions to help your organization profit from good coffee.