Our Story

SOLID Coffee Roasters was originally founded in 2014 out of the desire to provide a platform for any enterprise to raise funds by creating and selling their own coffee brand.  Daniel Kam, Solid's Founder, started www.brewourcoffee.com to do just that.  It grew very quickly as organizations realized their supporters desired a good cup of coffee, not something that has been sitting on the store shelves for months. 

After a few years, the team took an opportunity to move the roaster and open a cafe on the corner of South and Norwalk, in Artesia CA.  The cafe was immediately met with huge support and has been a staple in the neighborhood.  It has become a hub for students, entrepreneurs, and families alike.  You'll often find people collaborating on projects, studying, reading, or just enjoying each other.

Now Solid Coffee Roasters is awaiting the grand opening of their third location and growing rapidly.

Please have a look around the website and visit one of the cafe's.  We look forward to meeting you!